Washington Generals Season Ticket Holders Threaten Boycott

In a letter to the owner, nearly a dozen Washington Generalsseason ticket holders have threatened to boycott next season if, “drastic changes are not made to improve the team this off-season.”
“For too long we’ve paid good money to come to these games, only to see our team made a fool of by the Globetrotters," reads the letter, which was also made available to the media. "Well, enough is enough. It’s time this franchise uses its resources to acquire better talent and field a competitive team for once.”
Generals owner Ed Hartley responded to the letter by saying, “I don’t think there’s anyone in the organization that actually enjoys the losing. We’re doing our best over here trying to field a competitive team with limited funds, and we only ask that the fans be patient. Sometimes you go through a rough patch, and sometimes that rough patch lasts a few thousand games longer than you might like.”
Larry Cartwright, a season ticket holder since 1974, says he’s considered dropping his season tickets for some time now. “It’s just embarrassing going to games in my Generals jersey and seeing the players I root for being made a mockery of. For chrissakes the Globetrotters take most of their shots from half court, and some of them are wearing microphones.”
It’s gotten so bad Cartwright doesn’t bring his 9-year-old son to the games anymore. “I just don’t want him to have to experience the feeling of seeing players from the posters on his bedroom wall getting pantsed while shooting a free throw.”
In what he called a “step in the right direction," Hartley announced the team has been in talks with Mike Dunleavy to become their next general manager and head coach.
“If that happens, I’m done for good,” says Cartwright. "Dunleavy is horrible. I'd dump a bucket of water on him myself."