Vin Scully’s shrieks of pain incredibly soothing and informative

Broadcasting legend Vin Scully was hospitalized overnight Thursday after he got up from bed too quickly, fell and bumped his head. EMTs who responded to the scene said the voice of the Dodgers cried out in pain better than anyone they have ever heard. "I shouldn't admit this," said Grant Wilson, who first attended to Scully, "but I didn't assist him as quickly as I would most emergency patients. I just sat and listened for a little bit. He described his injures in a way I've never heard anyone else do it. He was easily the classiest injured person I've ever met." Wilson's assistant, Cara Martinez, said she loved coming to Scully's aid. "Most times when you respond to a broadcaster's 9-1-1 call, they yell all these stupid, cliched catchphrases, like: 'Ohmigod! I'm gonna die! I'm gonna die!' So annoying. You want them to die. But not Mr. Scully. I hope he's around getting hurt forever."