SportsPickle Fan Girl: Lucy (Point Park University, Pittsburgh, PA)

SportsPickle Fan Girl
Lucy — Point Park University, Pittsburgh, PA

SP: What is your sports background?
Lucy: I played everything. Basketball, softball (allstars!), soccer, floor hockey, hide and seek, croquet, fencing … (hahaha scratch the last two, I just wanted to do them desperately).
SP: Favorite teams?
Lucy: Pens, Steelers, Buffalo Bills.
SP: Bills? Whoa. Stay in your lane. We’ll handle the jokes around here. Favorite athlete?
Lucy: HINES WARD. He is always smiling. I love every second of it.
SP: Any interesting athlete encounters in Pittsburgh?
Lucy: No comment!
SP: Don’t be ashamed to have met some Pirates. They are people, too. Ever participate in an NCAA Tournament pool or fantasy football, fantasy baseball, etc?
Lucy: Yes! And I almost won 800 dollars. I dont want to talk about it.
SP: Anything else interesting you want to add, sports-related or otherwise?
Lucy: I was this bad ass sports playin awkward little girl.. then I started dancing ballet 5 hours a day 7 days a week .. which is obviously very different from softball. Still is a sport, more art; but definitely putting your leg behind your head and doing things human beings shouldn’t be able to do and making it look easy was just as tough. ALSO I hate running l but do secretly wish I was a surfer or snowboarder. I’m so random and sporadic I know I know.

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