Sources Tell Jay Glazer His Wife is Cheating on Him

According Fox Sports NFL Insider JayGlazer, there is now a “75-80 percent chance” that his wife is currently having relations behind closed doors with multiple partners other than himself.
“I texted her Wednesday and she turned down the rumors emphatically, but after speaking with several of my sources, including my buddy Rob, who’s wife Janice went out with her last weekend, something’s definitely going on,”Glazerwrote on
Representatives fromGlazer’s wife’s camp, including her best friend Julie, shot down the reports as nothing more than baseless rumor.
“She’s very happy with Jay, and she plans on being with him for a very long time," said Julie. "He shouldn't believe everything he reads on the Internet, or in her text message history or in her mail. She wants to be a Glazer for life."
Julie refused to comment on reports that Mrs. Glazer has been working awfully late the past few months, often with a very flimsy explanation. The NFL expert continues to work the phones and is chasing down reports of a tampering charge.
"She's been talking on Facebook with her old high school boyfriend," said Glazer. "That's not allowed. And she told me years ago that he still wanted to be with her."
If the matter isn’t resolved soon,Glazersays he plans on releasing his wife sometime before the NFL draft so he can focus on bringing in a young prospect.