Sandra Bullock Cast as Star Quarterback in Upcoming Football Movie

Fresh off her Oscar win for her role in "The Blind Side", Sandra Bullock has signed on to play the role of a star professional quarterback in the upcoming movie "4th and Life". Bullock will play a character named Kirk McIntyre, and the film's producers hope it could bring the actress another Academy Award.
"Sandy is hot after her Oscar win," said the film's producer, Harvey Weinstein. "And she is now a known commodity in sports movies. As much depth as she brought to the role of Leigh Ann Tuohy in 'Blind Side', I honestly feel the role of Kirk McIntyre — a young, rich, black quarterback — has even more opportunities for her to show her talent."
Bullock has confirmed her role in the film, which began shooting last month. But the majority of the filming remains as the actress works with her personal trainers to bulk up to 210 pounds for the role from her normal weight of 118.
"It's been a challenge, but this is the role I have chosen and the craft I love," said Bullock. "You always have to keep challenging yourself to expand your art. I have never played a quarterback, just as before 'Speed 2' I had never captained a ship."
Bullock has also been working for several weeks with a football coach to learn how to throw like an NFL quarterback.
"She is making progress," said Ken Anderson, former NFL quarterback and coach. "Right now her motion looks a lot like the way Philip Rivers throws. Obviously, I'd like to improve that by the time we shoot the football scenes so the audience doesn't think she throws like a girl."
"4th and Life" will tell the tale of Bullock's McIntyre as he struggles with the sudden onset of stardom, wealth and fatherhood. Miley Cyrus will co-star as linebacker Tyson Diggs, with Taylor Lautner as head coach Cap Davis.