"Hoosiers" Characters: Where Are They Now?

The run to the Final Four by the Butler Bulldogs has rekindled interest in the 1986 sports classic "Hoosiers", the movie based on the improbable run to the 1954 Indiana state championship by tiny Milan High School. Not only is Butler a similar underdog, but their home arena is the same gym that was used to shoot the championship game in the movie.
Now that we're more than 50 years removed from "Hoosiers", let's see what became of all the main characters.

Norman Dale
Dale came to Hickory a tarnished coach with a violent streak, having punched a player at his previous job in upstate New York. But after coaching little Hickory to its improbable victory in the state title game, Dale received many offers to coach at high-profile colleges, including the premier job in the state: Indiana University. However, he turned the jobs down, content to stay in the small community where he was welcomed and no one was skeptical of him or his motives. He passed away in 1992 at 80 years of age, having coached the Huskers to three more state titles. It was only then, upon Dale's passing when friends went to clean out his home, that it was discovered Dale had buried more than 30 bodies in his basement. To this day he is regarded as one of Indiana's most successful basketball coaches and serial killers.

Jimmy Chitwood
In the movie, Jimmy sat out the first half of the season, stricken with grief over the death of the Hickory's former coach. But when he finally returns and meshes with Norman Dale's new system, his offensive ability puts Hickory over the top and he carries them to the state title. Colleges across the country took notice. Chitwood played four years at Purdue and led the nation in scoring twice. But his battles with depression never left him. After being selected with the first pick in the 1958 NBA draft by the woeful Cincinnati Royals, Chitwood hung himself from the net on his backyard hoop.

Following Hickory's title, Shooter got completely wasted on champagne and wandered too close to the train tracks near his wooded shack. Eyewitnesses who were hiking nearby say that as a locomotive approached, Shooter tried to scramble out of the way. But he slipped, tumbled down a small hill and was impaled on a picket fence.

Myra Fleener
Even after Hickory's title had earned Jimmy Chitwood a full scholarship to Purdue, Myra Fleener continued to despise the importance basketball had in the Hickory community. Her bitterness ended her relationship with Coach Dale, and she lived out her days a bitter, lonely, disciplinarian. She passed away in 2006 at age 82. Neighbors, investigating a strong smell coming from her house, found her in her bed, dead for weeks. Her cats had eaten her face.

While he was the worst player on Hickory High, he had the most success after high school. Hickory's title, and his role in it, gave Ollie confidence he never had before. Armed with his self-esteem, he announced a big secret: while he was short and seemingly weak, he had a huge penis. Like, massive. He quickly slept through most of the single women in Hickory, and many of the married ones, too, and then set off for Southern California and a career in the burgeoning adult film industry. There he struck it big with films such as "Ollie Inside Her" and "Ollie Ollie All Cum Free." He made a fortune in porn and returned home to Hickory, Indiana in the late '90s to retire. He still lives there to this day and each year Hickory High gives away the Ollie Scholarship to one male and one female senior who wish to pursue careers in the adult film industry.