PROFILE: Who is Ryan Miller?

Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller led the United States hockey team to the gold medal game in the Olympics. Who is this guy? Here are some facts about Ryan Miller.
Ryan Miller was born July 17, 1980 in East Lansing, Michigan. Miller's mother was impregnated by Magic Johnson during an orgy at a Michigan State frat party.
Miller's younger brother, Drew, is a left wing for the Detroit Red Wings. Three of his cousins — Kelly, Kevin and Kip Miller — also played in the NHL. And the entire family attended Michigan State. So the Millers are incredibly athletic if not academically gifted.
At Michigan State, Miller was nicknamed "Unscoreonable" by a teammate. Not surprisingly, Michigan State does not have a creative writing program.
The 7-year NHL veteran is 176-100-1 in his career with an impressive 2.58 GAA. Granted, Miller's numbers are aided by the fact that many opposing players intentionally shoot the puck at the center of his chest as hard as they can in hopes of killing that horrific slug-beast on his jersey.
Miller owns a clothing store in East Lansing called The Refinery.It features heavily-padded "goalie chic" apparel. It is wildly unsuccessful.
Ryan Miller is the second-worst actor in world history, ahead of only fellow goalie Jean-Sebastien Aubin.

Miller uses a hybrid style of goaltending, standing a little more upright than traditional butterfly goalies. Thisallows Sidney Crosby to easily shoot under him.