Product Review: Tim Tebow 2.0

Tim Tebow's new throwing motion was unveiled to NFL scouts at Florida's pro day. SportsPickle reviews the new product.
While the revamped motion got generally positive reviews, it also had several bugs, including a tendency to freeze up when the quarterback rolls to his left.
Tebow repeatedly froze when trying to throw while rolling to his left and needed to be restarted each time. But that was not the only issue. A few of his shorter passes went right through the intended receiver as though the player wasn't even there. And one long pass flew off the field and then kept cycling back over the length of the field several times before a new drill was started.
The quarterback and his coaches have five weeks to work through the existing problems until Tebow is showcased at the NFL Draft. It is far from a finished product.
Other reviews:
"It's much better than the earlier version. It's has greater compatibility to the NFL system and it's a lot quicker and smoother. But there are still some things they need to work out before Tebow is put on the market." — NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock
"Tim Tebow is not on the level of a Sam Bradford, but many people are loyal to the Tebow brand and I am sure that these changes won't hurt his popularity." — NFL draft analyst Mel Kiper
"I used the original Tebow for four years. That one was good, and I think the new one I've seen is ever better. Tebow was always very easy to troubleshoot, so I'm sure users will be pleased with their purchase." — Urban Meyer
"There is absolutely nothing that can stop me from drafting this product." – Jacksonville Jaguars general manager Gene Smith
Final review:
Tebow has always run powerfully. The concern was that Tebow's throwing ability was not ideal for heavy use by football professionals. This upgrade has allayed many of those fears. Tebow should be among the top quarterback picks at this April's NFL new product show and will remain a much talked about item for at least the next several years.