Photo Scouting Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame

The NFL Draft hype has just begun. While scouts will break down every little thing about each player — how fast he runs, how high he jumps, how he conducts himself in an interview — they should not forget to mine the valuable football information that comes from photos.
Today SportsPickle presents the photo scouting report on Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame.

Clausen has shown the ability to play through injuries, including a broken wrist and electrocution.

Clausen won many awards in high school and college, including ones modeled after his hairdo.

Clausen honed his leadership abilities in the military, where he achieved the rank of Major Douche.

Clausen gets along well with his teammates thanks to his raunchy locker room humor. Here is doing 2 Girls 2 Cups.

Scouts worry Clausen doesn’t have the ability to make those around him look better.

Clausen is a big name and will sell tickets for whatever team drafts him. Especially to fans who want to punch him in the face.

Past coaches have said Clausen is “very coachable.” Others have said he is “very edible.”