Join* the SportsPickle NCAA Tournament Pool … and WIN 2 FREE NBA TICKETS!!!

Here's an original idea … an NCAA Tournament pool!
You can join the SportsPickle pool at by following this link.
Here are the rules:
1. The "winning" bracket will have the most number of incorrect picks. Got that?
2. The "best" bracket will be the worst bracket. Understand?
3. And again because somehow people mess this up every year (you morons!): This pool is the complete opposite from every other tournament pool because to win, you need to mess up the most. Yes? Okay, moving along …
4. The winner (which, again, will be the worst bracket in the group) receives … wait for it … wait for it …
5. … two (2) tickets to an NBA game!!!!!!!!
6. A Nets game. (Technically, still an NBA game.)
7. Retail price: $4. (Really. On StubHub, Nets tickets go for $2/each. Not a joke.)
8. You have to actually fill out your bracket to be eligible to win. As the Nets actually have to show up to take their losses.
9. The tiebreaker is the winning score. Fill that out as what you think will be the score of the most lopsided opening round game.
So go. Join. And if you are the best at being terrible, you could earn yourself two Nets tickets. How fitting.

While you're in the joining mood, follow SportsPickle on Twitter here.
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10. Having the least number of correct picks is the desired outcome here, okay?
*you must also win