John Calipari: In Pictures

Kentucky head coach John Calipari is one of the most successful coaches in college basketball. He is also one of the most controversial, having fled NCAA sanctions at both UMass and Memphis for higher-paying jobs elsewhere.
What can we learn about this man through pictures?

Calipari has successfully thwarted many NCAA investigators with his patented "Hey! Look over there!" move.

Calipari got into trouble at Memphis for blatantly whispering answers to Derrick Rose as Rose took the SAT exam.

Knowing that he routinely talks out of his ass, Calipari tries to present a nice face to his audience.

Calipari is a masterful recruiter. Here he seals the deal on a top recruit by offering the player's diabetic mother some sugar packets.

Calipari is also a great in-game coach. He is able to work the officials by promising them postgame fellatio in exchange for favorable calls.

Even John Calipari can get tired after a long day of committing NCAA violations.

Calipari grew up on good, Italian homecooking. His digestive system has yet to adjust to Lexington, Kentucky's Olive Garden.

Lebron James says he hopes the Knicks can offer him the same salary Calipari offered him when he was coming out of high school.

Sometimes a bout of conscience gives Calipari an intense migraine.

While Calipari has his detractors, he is a good-natured man who won't turn down a restaurant recommendation from a rival.