Gary Bettman hoping to capitalize on increased NHL attention with glow pucks and 10-point shots

The NHL got a big boost due to the exciting Olympic hockey tournament. And now commissioner Gary Bettman is looking to capitalize on the added attention with some tweaks he hopes will bring in more viewers. "I can't tell you how many people have told me they want the glow puck back," said the NHL commissioner. "Actually, I can. It's been five. Five people. In the past 10 years. That seems like a lot to me." In addition to the glow puck, Bettman has announced that any goals scored on pucks shot from within the face-off circles will be worth 10 "points". The commissioner says he got that idea from new league consultant Dan Cortese, who Bettman calls "one of the finest minds in all of sport." Other NHL executives agree that the league wants to capitalize on the additional attention, but said one high-ranking executive off the record: "We were hoping more that our big move would be overthrowing Gary."