Free agency ruining draft expert’s entire mock draft

NFL Network draft expert Mike Mayock said the opening hours of NFL free agency have completely ruined his most recent mock draft, which he spent "hours putting together" but is now useless. "I am just looking for a little professional courtesy," he said. "For weeks I've been saying that the Lions should and will draft a defensive lineman. But then they go right out and sign Kyle Vanden Bosch so everything I said, all that research i did … a complete waste." And the Vanden Bosch signing is just one example. With the expectation that personnel moves will be made up to next month's NFL draft and beyond, Mayock is concerned. "You know, sometimes I lay awake at night and wonder if my entire job is completely pointless," he said. "It's silly, I know. But sometimes I wonder if mock drafts are just useless filler."