Entertainer Chad Ochocinco to Appear on "Football With The Stars"

Noted performer and entertainer Chad Ochocinco announced today that he will play in the National Football League in 2010, a role he will prepare for as soon as his upcoming run on a dancing show comes to a close.
"Many people don't know this, but football is something I've been messing with for years," said Ochocinco, who will suit up for the Cincinnati Bengals. "It allows me to show a different side of myself."
But those close to the entertainer fear he is spreading himself too thin and diluting his brand.
"I realize that playing football every Sunday opens Chad up to a new audience," said fellow entertainer Diddy. "But is it really worth doing that with all of the other time commitments he has? And in Cincinnati, Ohio of all places? No one will see that show. He should have gotten with a football team in New York or L.A."
Perhaps most concerning for Ochocinco's friends in the entertainment industry is the performer's insistence that he plans to play a significant amount with the Cincinnati-based football squad.
"I am okay with Chad doing this if that's what he wants to do," said actor Denzel Washington. "But there is a right way to do it. Look at Kim Kardashian's boyfriend. He's a good-looking kid, he's known around Hollywood, has a future here. He's dabbled in football, but he doesn't play much and it's obvious he doesn't take it too seriously. That's the model Chad should follow. He needs to remember where his bread is buttered."
Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis say he is happy to get the performer any way he can.
"I've only met him a few times," said Lewis. "But he seems like a nice guy and is pretty down-to-earth for a big star. I know the people of Cincinnati are excited to get someone in town as famous as Chad Ochocinco, even if it's only a brief stop onto bigger and better things."