David Beckham makes crutches the hot fashion item of Spring 2010

David Beckham had barely stopped screaming in pain on the pitch in Rome and already top male models from Milan to New York were walking the runway with a limp. And within hours, boutiques around the world were deluged with order for the exact crutches Beckham was seen using as he left the stadium with a torn Achilles."It wasn't clear what would be the breakthrough fashion item of the season," said GQ fashion editor Ashton Rolle. "But the public will always want to look like a known fashion icon, and David Beckham is bigger than any out there." With Beckham's international soccer career potentially at a close, sources close to the star say he may use his injury and crutches as a transition into post-playing career endorsements. "We are already in talks with Advil and Ben Gay," said Beckham's agent, Jeff Frasco. "And I have a call into Skechers about those old man shoes that Joe Montana is hawking."