Andre Agassi Tells Crowd that Steffi Graf is Stingy with the BJs Lately

While playing at a charity tennis event in Florida today, Andre Agassi turned some good-natured, back-and-forth ribbing between fellow players awkward and a bit nasty when he informed the crowd that Steffi Graf — his doubles opponent and wife — doesn't do oral nearly as much as she did before they had kids.
Graf, who was mic'd up along with Agassi, Jim Courier and Monica Seles at a tennis event to raise money for Chile, made an innocent joke about Agassi being bald. Her husband met the line with a cold glare and then spit out: "This from a woman who hasn't given head in three years. Maybe if you put out, it would shock my system into growing hair again — ever think about that, bitch?"
As Courier and Seles awkwardly looked at each other, a stunned Graf tried to laugh off her husband's charge by saying: "Wow. Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed today, huh?"
Shot back Agassi: "Any side of the bed that you're in is the wrong side, because it means I'm not getting any."
A now visibly angry Graf ripped her next serve at Agassi's head, causing him to jump out of the way and then tell the crowd: "In Steffi's defense, it's not like she was ever that good at giving head anyway. Her big nose always got in the way."
It's the second charity event at which Agassi has made a scene in a week, the first coming when he called Pete Sampras a bad tipper at a charity event for Haiti, and he has now issued another apology.
"I was trying to joke around and my joke fell flat," said Agassi. "I apologized to Steffi and I'm sure we could both move past this if she would just go down on me. But as I said before, that's extremely unlikely."