Tweet of the Week

From @ddockett AKA Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett …
Man my korean neightbor getting on my D*mn nerves keep knocking at my door cause we making noise but I don't say nothing bout that DOG SMELL
10:15 PM Feb 24thviaUberTwitter

Everynight night around 7-10 I smell smoked German shepard and sauteed pittbull and curry rottweiler! I'm pissed I'm turning it back up!
10:16 PM Feb 24thviaUberTwitter

My neighbor all way messing with us, and no disrespect to the korean folk my best friend korean but my neighbor hates me! Always buggn
10:28 PM Feb 24thviaUberTwitter

LMFAOOOOOOO He called the police! They over here making me cut down music I wonder is it to loud or cause I'm playing "BECKY" by plies
10:33 PM Feb 24thviaUberTwitter

My neighbor just told the police that I only play Rap music and my friends wear there pants to there knees LMFAO and yall say I'm racist!
11:27 PM Feb 24thviaUberTwitter

The thing is I'm not even mad but I'm like come on son, I don't complain so u don't complain, we are neigbore and Yes I love RAP MUSIC!
11:29 PM Feb 24thviaUberTwitter

Fun Fact: While Darnell Dockett loves RAP MUSIC, his favorite movie is "Breakfast at Tiffany's" …