Tim Duncan Apologizes for Taking Cell Phone Pic of His Arm

San Antonio Spurs star Tim Duncan has apologized for compromising pictures of himself that were recently posted online, becoming just the latest NBA player to be exposed on the Internet.
In a statement issued by the team today, Duncan said: "A year ago I made a mistake and take full responsibility for my actions. I have matured and learned from this episode."
According to sources close to the team, Duncan had sent a picture of his bare left arm, including a close up of the hand, to a female acquaintance. After an apparent falling out with Duncan in recent days, the woman sent the photo to several Internet gossip sites including TMZ.com and TheDirty.com. They refused her request for money — TMZ calling the pictures: "not remotely interesting" — and the woman eventually posted them on her Facebook page.
Duncan, the No. 1 overall pick in the NBA draft, is a four-time NBA champion and two-time league MVP. In addition to the statement, the former Wake Forest star has apologized to the Spurs, NBA fans, his family and his wife.
Duncan's wife said she forgives her husband, but admits that she was incredibly surprised by his actions.
"For him to send another woman a picture of his arm is way out of character of the Tim I know," said Linda Duncan. "The times we have had sex, he insists on wearing a robe. And that we be under the sheets with the lights off."
The couple plans to spend some time together after the season working on their relationship at a Sandals resort where Duncan has already booked a room without a view for a great rate.
This is the second time Duncan has made news off the court in his career, the first coming, of course, when he was spotted drinking a flavored water during the 2005-2006 season.