Super Bowl Sunday: What Else Was On?

Sunday nights are usually a great night for television. But last night everyone watched the Super Bowl instead. Wondering what you missed around the dial? Wonder no more.
“The Biggest Loser” on NBC– The contestant who lost the most weight earned a cash prize. The contestant who stayed the fattest earned a much larger cash prize in the form of an NFL contract to play offensive line for the Saints.
“America’s Funniest Home Videos” on ABC– This week’s episode features hilarious football bloopers and interceptions caught on home video of the Manning boys growing up.
“The Simpsons” on FOX– Not sure what the episode was about. But it had to be less disappointing than the Coca-Cola ad starring Mr. Burns that ran during the Super Bowl.
CSI: Miami” on A&E– The Super Bowl was played in Miami. Celebrities and professional athletes have been there for two weeks. No doubt there is a lot of crime to investigate.
“Dances With Wolves” on AMC– Kevin Costner delivers the worst acting job of the night (excluding that guy who tried to play the Colts’ head coach).
“Puppy Bowl VI” on Animal Planet– This game also ended when a pure bred threw a terrible interception.
“Jeff Dunham: Arguing with Myself” on Comedy Central– Featuring his best wooden dummy: Eli Manning.
“Keeping Up with the Kardashians” on E!– Kim Kardashian was at the Super Bowl, but this was the show to watch if you wanted conversations even more vapid than the stuff football announcers say to each other.
poker on ESPN2– Probably with this scrolling at the bottom of the screen: “… WTF is wrong with you? … Seriously …The Super Bowl is on …”
“Big Love” on HBO– Bill holds a Super Bowl party and invites only family. More than 300 people show up, it’s raided by the Feds, a dead body is found in the punch and Margene gets pregnant. Pretty tame for a "Big Love" episode. You missed nothing.
“To Catch a Predator” on MSNBC– Umm, he’s right there. Just turn the channel to the Super Bowl. There’s Pete Townshend. Grab him.
“I Love Lucy” on Hallmark– This was scheduled for the dozen or so living viewers so old they can’t even enjoy The Who.
“Law & Order” on TNT– Of course it was.
“Titanic” on TBS– If only they had put a Colts logo on the ship, it would have been quite a metaphor.