Saturday Video LOLapalooza

Video #1
You can consider this the sequel to the "Boom goes the dynamite" video. Only this video is from 1995, so it's actually a prequel. And, trust me, it's far better than any of George Lucas' "Star Wars" prequels.

Fun Fact: Matt Lorch, the anchor in the video, is actually still employed in TV news. And in a major market. So, yeah, he got a promotion. More proof that being a moron is the key to success in TV news.

Video #2

Holy crap. What a horrible song. And thank God for it. Because last weekend I saw "Crazy Heart" and it made me not completely despise country music. But now I'm back to hating it with all my soul. And it feels great. Thanks, talentless Brett Favre fellators!

Video #3

Hey. Charlie makes some good points. His kids can one day say: "Our dad made horrible mistakes. He cried like a giant pussy on national television for no good reason. He made horrible mistakes, but look what he did after he made those mistakes."
And that would be Glenn Beck's fill-in on Fox News, where being a blubbering douche pays way better.

(h/t Hot Clicks, Deadspin, Hot Clicks)