Saints Scout Team QB Does His Hilarious Peyton Manning Impression

New Orleans Saints backup quarterback Mark Brunell had his teammates doubled over with laughter when he did his famous Peyton Manning impression at practice today.
"Oh, man! Mark! Mark! Do that one again where you throw an incompletion, wrinkle your face all up and then yell to the coaches something about the receiver running the wrong route," requested Saints safety Darren Sharper.
Brunell immediately complied, throwing a pass behind a scout team receiver, slumping his shoulders and storming off the field, angrily gesturing towards the intended receiver.
"Aaaaahhhhh! So funny, man. So funny!" yelled Sharper. "Stop. I'm going to pull something laughing. Just stop!"
Brunell next ran a series in which he audibled out of every play he was told to run by head coach Sean Payton.
"Run the plays I give you!" yelled Payton. "We need to prepare our defense for what Indianapolis runs."
But Brunell insisted he was checking to better plays — and used a folksy drawl for added effect. Payton didn't laugh, however, and only became more enraged when Brunell stopped him to take a fake phone call from his "little brother".
"No, Eli. Mommy is not being mean to you," said Brunell. "It's not good to eat glue."
As more Saints broke into laughter around him, Payton said he understands that Brunell is doing Manning — and that he appreciates the skill to pull it off.
"I'm just not that big into people who do impressions. It's not all that funny to me," said Payton. "Like, Frank Caliendo. Eh. Doesn't do it for me. You know what I would like? If Brunell could actually throw like Peyton Manning. Then we wouldn't be screwed if Drew Brees ever gets hurt."