Romantic Valentine’s Day Tips … From Athlete Twitters

Everyone knows athletes get a lot of sex. It must be because they are so romantic! This Valentine's Day, consider the wisdom on love that athletes share via the magic of Twitter.
watching this damn chic on WifeSwap trippin.. i'll be damned if i let another chic come into my house and change my rules. GTFOH B&%#@ — Martellus Bennett, TE, Cowboys
Thinkin bout wearing nothing but a#redspeedowith my#penisnicknameon the front for my girl on v-day after I take her out lmao — Markeith Ambles, WR, USC recruit
So many georgia peaches and only two hands,one mouth, heart and _ dudes that live here permanently I don't know how u do it-but I salute u— Chad Ochocinco, WR, Bengals
Mannnn I'm kinda tired and I'm watching WENDY WILLIAMS mann she look Just like a horse , I just want ti give her a saddle and ride to dawn! — Darnell Dockett, DE, Cardinals
The club is like groceries, and I jus bag a bi@$&! — Santonio Holmes, WR, Steelers
This "Basketball Wives" show is funny, making the wives seem like they are the VICTIMS! Smh — Marcus Williams, PG, Grizzlies
#whodatwoman wearing saints pasties on south beach. Only prob is she 315lbs she also looks a cross between whoopee Goldberg and seal. — Shaun Phillips, LB, Chargers
Watching Tyra Banks & these girls talking about how there childhood was so bad cuz their parents argued & divorced?? That's normal I thought — Reggie Bush, RB, Saints
M. Colbert says I am dependent on fabulousness and I agree. I have a sudden urge to send him a copy of one of my costumes to wear on camera. — Johnny Weir, Olympic figure skater