Rockets, Wizards GMs Trying to Get Donnie Walsh Drunk Enough to Participate in 3-Way Trade

In an effort to speed up the process of a proposed three-team trade, Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey and Washington Wizards GM Ernie Grunfeld plan on inviting Knicks GM Donnie Walsh over for dinner tonight, with the ultimate goal of using alcohol to persuade him to join them in a three-way.
“We think Donnie’s great and I’m really into the idea of adding a formidable swingman like Caron Butler to our roster," said Morey. "So I’m hoping a little liquid courage will do the trick. I can tell in his eyes he wants to do this. He just needs a push.”
Friends of Walsh say he has been thinking about having a three-way with the two for some time now, but has not yet been able to pull the trigger due to concerns regarding his relationship with the Knicks when it’s over.
“Donnie’s worried the long-term effects of letting Al Harrington go will be too much emotionally. You can’t undo a three-way," said Glen Grunwald, the Knicks VP of Basketball Operations. "That’s something that stays with you forever. I know from my past. But I don't regret it. Any of them."
Grunfeld said this is the first time in years he’s entertained the thought of trading with multiple partners.
“I remember in 2005 Jerry West tried to get me into that five-way with the Hornets, Celtics, Heat, Jazz, and Grizzlies. But man, that’s just too much," he said. "I remember seeing Danny Ainge there, and he’s Mormon, and thinking it just wasn’t for me.”
Sources close to each organization said even if the GMs can’t reach an agreement in the coming days they still plan on trying anal during All-Star Weekend.