Player reports to camp in worst shape of his life

At a time when most MLB players are touting the benefits of their offseason training regimens, Milwaukee Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder glumly informed reporters yesterday that he came to spring training in the worst shape of his life.“Probably should have hit the gym, but stuff kept coming up,” the noticeably heavier Fielder explained, stopping several times to catch his breath.“First it was the holidays, and then I wasn’t about to fight all those New Year’s crowds for a treadmill. I should have at least limited myself to two or three Frosties a day.Oh, man, I’m so screwed.”Despite his lack of fitness the slugger still felt optimistic about taking the field until he looked at a map of the Brewers’ training facility. “It’s a half-mile walk to the practice fields?God help me.”Baseball insiders say they haven’t seen such a precipitous dropoff since Barry Zito spent the winter of 2006 forgetting how to throw several pitches in his repertoire.