Photo Scouting Tim Tebow, QB, Florida

The NFL combine has begun. While scouts will break down every little thing about each player — how fast he runs, how high he jumps, how he conducts himself in an interview — they should not forget to mine the valuable football information that comes from photos.
Today SportsPickle presents the photo scouting report on Tim Tebow, QB, Florida.
Tebow has great intangibles and surrounds himself with people who have amazing tangibles.
Tebow is a great leader. When you saw only one set of footprints in the sand? That was when Tebow was carrying you. (Possibly because you are a big fatass and all that walking made you tired.)
Tebow takes care of himself and maintains a strict diet, not counting eating a little chocolate here and there.
Tebow is a great judge of character. He can see someone's heart. Which means he can also see someone's bra.
Some scouts feel Tebow's passing will improve when he throws the more aerodynamic NFL ball.
Tebow is a dedicated football player who fills his brain with the playbook. So other things he writes on his face to remember.
Tebow plays with his heart on his sleeve. And also what appears to be chunks of his lung and maybe intestines.
Tebow does well when he goes to his left, but the results are not nearly as pretty when he goes right.
Tebow is as humble and selfless as they come. In fact, on the way to this GQ photo shoot, he gave his shirt to a homeless child.