Olympic Recap: Today’s Gold, Silver, Bronze

The first weekend of the Winter Olympics is in the books. Let’s see who medaled so far.

TerryFox is a Canadian hero who attempted to run across the country to raise money for cancer research. Michael J. Fox is a Canadian actor who has become an advocate for Parkinson’s disease research. Meredith Vieira is an American talk show host who doesn’t know what she’s talking about. And we don’t know the name of the Today show production intern who will be fired.
Canada beat Slovakia 18-0 in ice hockey on Saturday. They had 67 shots to Slovakia’s nine. Yikes. That’s an ass-kicking. But don’t feel bad for Slovakia. They had it coming. In 2008 they beat Bulgaria 82-0 in a tournament. Really. So if you want to feel bad for someone, make it Bulgaria. Because when it comes to hockey, they’re so stinky. (Fun Fact: the stotinki is a Bulgarian monetary unit. Now we’re learning! And punning!)
Gold:Johnny Weir
American Johnny Weir is a figure skater. And he likes to wear fur. Naturally. But he has received threats from anti-fur activists and, for his own safety, has decided to move from a Vancouver hotel to the Olympic Village where there is more security. But Weir isn’t backing down.
"I totally get the dirtiness of the fur industry and how terrible it is to animals. But it's not something that's the No. 1 priority in my life,” he said. "There are humans dying everyday … I tend to focus my energy, if there is a cause, on humans. While that may be callous and bad of me, it's my choice."
Ohhhhhhhhh, SNAP! Just wait until the fur people find out Weir kills the animals himself with a bedazzling gun.