Olympic Recap: Today’s Gold, Silver, Bronze

Another day of the Winter Olympics is in the books. Let’s see who medaled.
Bronze: Ugly Americans

In that lady's defense, all she was asking for Sven to do was say his name, country and what he'd just won for simple tape identification. It's standard industry practice. Remember after the Super Bowl when CBS sideline reporter Steve Tasker asked Drew Brees: "Say your name, team and what you've just won here." No one had a problem with that, now did they?
Silver: Awesome Americans
Evan Lysacek won gold in men's figure skating! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! And Russian Evgeni Plushenko, the only skater in the competition to attempt and land a quad, got the silver. After the event the ever-classy Plushenko said that without the quad, men's skating is no different than ice dancing. So, yeah … a figure skater implied ice dancing is not a sport. That's like the interior designer calling the kettle "raven". Or something. Either way, congrats to Lysacek. He was the better skater. And he sported a beautiful Vera Wang man gown. Really.
Gold: Awesomer Americans
Fellow American figure skater Johnny Weir got jobbed by the judges and finished sixth. But he still remained incredibly entertaining. As he took the ice for his long program, NBC's announcers told us that Weir's parents always told him to be himself growing up, which is why when Johnny played soccer as a boy "he often ran in the wrong direction and pretended he was an ostrich or a giraffe."
So awesome.
There's really nothing to add to that. But in a week in which we've seen Tiger Woods reemerge, let's hope Johnny Weir doesn't fade away. Accenture could use a new spokesman: "Go on, be an ostrich or a giraffe."