Olympic Recap: Today’s Gold, Silver, Bronze

Another day of the Winter Olympics is in the books. Let’s see who medaled.
Bronze: Ice Dancing
There wasn't much in the way of actual sports during the second Monday of the Vancouver Olympics. So we watched ice dancing. It pulled in viewers who enjoy shows like "Dancing With The Stars". And it also pulled in viewers who always wished the contestants on "Dancing With The Stars" competed with razor blades attached to their feet in hopes the contestants, judges and everyone involved with the show would get decapitated by a wayward leg kick.
But, alas, no one died during the ice dancing competition. Another big strike against the Vancouver Games.
Silver: CURLING!
China's curling coach is angry at his team because he doesn't think they're giving their all. "This is the national team," he said. "It's been together for six or seven years and most of the players have been on the team for that long and take it for granted." He added: "I'm furious." As he should be! This … is … CURLING! (<—- Said in my best "300" voice.) Curling is very serious business. From the delicate sliding of the stone thing with the handle to the furious sweeping. Especially the sweeping. I demand people take sweeping very seriously. And when they don't, I let them know about it. That's why I haven't tipped a maid in a hotel since 2003.
As for some people who do understand the INTENSITY that is curling, here is a video by Swedish metal band Hammerfall featuring … the Swedish women's curling team. Naturally.

That song ranks right up there with Guns 'n' Roses "Sweet Broom of Mine" and Metallica's "Enter Curlman".
Gold: The Germans!
Don't look now, but the Germans are gaining on the United States in the medal count. The U.S. has 25 medals to Germany's 21, but the Germans actually have more silver (8-7) and the same amount of gold (7). But who knows where the Germans got that gold, am I right?