New Orleans Saints Fans: In Pictures

These are the people who will be cheering on the New Orleans Saints in Super Bowl XXIV:
That's not a codpiece. He's just excited about the Saints making the playoffs.
The stress of four subpar seasons in the NFL has weighed on Reggie Bush.
Another victim of douche-pattern baldness.
"Show … your tits. Repeat. Show … your tits. You will receive … beads. This … is an order."
You see, it's ironic because she's a bit of a sinner.
He immediately wished he hadn't expressed his Christmas wish to sleep with the real Drew Brees.
Their shields help keep away any women who might want to have sex with them.
Image cropped so you can't see the bush of the red-headed woman on the right.
It was a sad and desperate attempt to get blown.
They found this where an old Saints team had crashed.
The Saints struggled for years due to undersized players using inferior equipment.
Ho dat!

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