NEW Column … And It Needs Your Help

Hello there, dear reader.
Starting Wednesday, March 3rd — one week from today — a new Q-and-A column will run each Wednesday here on SportsPickle.
The Q's will be supplied by you. And the A's? By DJ Gallo, the founder and editor of this fine corner of the Internet (and noted A's).
As this is a sports site, your questions should be of a sporting nature. But perhaps a few off-topic questions can be obliged, as well. Cool? Cool.
Now … how do you submit your questions for this Q-and-A column, the first such column ever run on the Internet? IT'S EASY!
Option #1 — Tweet your question to @sportspickle using the hashtag #SPQNA
Option #2 — Submit your question on Facebook ( under the Q-n-A Questions thread that will be posted each week.
Go now. Ask away. The answers to sport's great questions are just days away.