NBA contract given just months to live

According to sources close to the contract of NBA player Tracy McGrady, the once staggering and highly-regarded document has only months to live. "It should be dead by early April," said a friend of McGrady's. "We are all sad to see it go. It really made us all a lot of money. I don't think we'll ever see a contract like it again." McGrady's contract has left its home in Houston and will be overseen in its final days by the New York Knicks. "We believe this contract still has great worth, even as it prepares to pass on," said Knicks general manager Donnie Walsh. "Let it be known: it will not pass in vain. This contract can live on in a way in the form of a newborn contract for Lebron James." In lieu of flowers, McGrady has requested someone by one of his houses or a few of his cars.