Michael Jordan to purchase Bobcats, lose them in a poker game

According to the NBA league office, Michael Jordan is expected to be approved as the new majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats by the end of March. And, according to Jordan's friends, the basketball superstar will likely lose the team gambling early in April. "I am looking forward to owning the Charlotte Bobcats," said Charles Oakley, a close friend of Jordan's. "I wish he was buying a better franchise than the Bobcats, though. I'd prefer winning the Lakers or Bulls off of him." Jordan says he would be buying a better team if he hadn't lost hundreds of millions gambling. "But this is huge," he said. "I get the Bobcats, put them up in a card game with some other owners, and I come home as owner of the three or four NBA teams. Maybe even an NHL team. I'd bet that in a craps game."