Man "Dunks" Basketball Through Iron Hoop

According to reports, a New York man named Nate Robinson has jumped up into the air and placed a basketball down through a steel hoop hung with netting.
An arena full of people were on sight to witness this incredible feat, and Robinson received an award at the conclusion of the show for his remarkable efforts.
"I can't even describe what I saw," said one dumbfounded eyewitness. "It was truly incredible, this slam dunk jam shot. If only such magic of exactly the same variety was able to be seen dozens of times each night on television, the world would be a far better place."
While Robinson failed several times to successfully complete a slam jam, his other attempts were enough to gain rousing applause.
"I was wondering if it was worth it to spend $175 for a ticket to come here," said another fan. "Oh, but it was. It definitely was. I mean, I saw a man dunk a basketball. With my own eyes! Live! I've got a story to tell for the rest of my life."
Other fans who have also recently come out of 55-year comas, or been released from jail for the first time since the mid-'50s were amazed, too.
"What's next? He jumped very high, almost up to the heavens," said one. "I believe anything is possible now. I bet humans could even go to the moon. And I bet we'll do it in my lifetime!"