Little girl to dream of being a figure skater for the next week

Little Mikayla Mitchell, the adorable 8-year-old girl next door, says it is her one true dream to be an Olympic figure skater. "I want to be just like Kim Yu-na," Mikayla told you today, jumping and spinning in her driveway. "Wheeeee! I am going to be an Olympic STAR!" Mikayla's father says he has promised his daughter that he will buy her figure skates next weekend. "By that time she'll have forgotten all about figure skating and I won't have to spend 80 bucks on a bunch of skates that will never be used," he said. "Last month she wanted to be an explorer like Dora. One $30 backpack later, I don't even think she knows the name of the country she lives in. Little girls are so dumb."