Lindsey Vonn Blames Shin Injury on Rental Ski Boots

U.S. Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn had hoped to win multiple medals at the Vancouver Games. Now it's a question of how many, if any, races she'll even ski.
Vonn's Olympics are in jeopardy due to a badly bruised and swollen right shin — an injury she claims is due to an ill-fitting pair of rental boots she was given the last time she went skiing a few weeks ago.
"We had gotten some snow the day before and it was the weekend, so I decided to go skiing with some of my friends," said Vonn. "The only thing was that the place was packed and all the good boots were rented by the time we got there. I told them we shouldn't stop for breakfast first."
Vonn ended up getting stuck with a pair of boots that were a half-size too small, had a broken binding, and were already wet from being rented earlier in the day.
"I should have waited for a better pair of boots, but what was I supposed to do? All my friends were ready to go," said Vonn. "The people in the rental office suggested I consider buying my own boots, but those things are crazy expensive."
So Vonn headed out to ski with the bad pair of rentals and after a few runs down the hill knew she was hurt.
"I was in pain right away, but I thought maybe it was just because I hadn't skied in a while and wasn't doing it right," she said. "But after a couple of hours I could barely even walk."
The slope gave Vonn a coupon for 50-percent off a lift ticket on her next visit, but she's not sure how much good that will do her.
"It's not valid at Whistler," she said. "I asked. Even if I can ski, I'm going to have to plunk down another, what — 150 bucks? And then just hope I get good rentals there, too. I heard there are going to be a lot of skiers at the Olympics."