January Rewind: The Most Popular Stories and Images on SportsPickle

There's not a single item on SportsPickle that is not the greatest thing ever. But some things are the greatestest ever. Here is what those were in January, based on traffic numbers.

1. Tennessee Loses Layla Kiffin to USC
2. The secret sporting lives of the "Jersey Shore"
3. F**k you all — by Adrian Peterson, RB, Bears
4. We've Seen Your Junk. Now What? — An Athlete's Guide
5. Brett Favre's Storybook Season Has Perfect Ending
6. New Orleans, Indianapolis Mayors Wager Their Homeless in Super Bowl Bet
7. "Yankees Suck" Wins Massachusetts Special Election as a Write-In
8. Report: Every Pro Athlete Currently Wearing an Ed Hardy Shirt
9. Patriots Clinch Excuse for Not Winning the Super Bowl
10. Haiti to Donate $1 Million to the NHL

1. Texas vs. Alabama: In Pictures
2. Mark McGwire: A Career Retrospective … In Pictures
3. Indianapolis Colts Fan: In Pictures
4. The many (fat) faces of Rex Ryan
5. Proposed Logos for the 12-Team Big Ten
6. The San Diego Chargers logo is more than a logo
7. Images from Pete Carroll's revealing Seahawks press conference
8. Gilbert Arenas
9. SportsPickle: For all your sign making needs
10. Terrence Cody