Figure Skater Performs to the Music of His Father Crying

American figure skater Evan Lysacek is in position for a gold medal after a stunning short program performance set to the sound of his father's sobbing.
"I wanted to really come out tonight and give it my best and represent everyone who has helped me get here," said Lysacek. "And I don't think I would have made it this far without my father's questionable parenting choices."
Wearing a black, clingy unitard with sections of mesh, ruffles and sequins, Lysacek performed to a recording of his father sobbing in heartbreak — tears shed over his only son being a figure skater.
"I am so ashamed. So incredibly embarrassed for him and my whole family," said a sobbing Greg Lysacek, Evan's father, after the performance. "Yet at the same time, part of me is proud. He is doing well at this and he seems happy. But I don't know why. Does he have no pride?"
Lysacek pulled the audio of his father's tears from years of video tapes his mother shot of his performances from the stands, always with his father sobbing in the background. Set to a funky mix of house music, the crying music set Lysacek's performance apart from his competitors. The skater timed his two toughest jumps — back-to-back triple jumps — to a section of the song where his father wails: "Why God? Why?!"
"I hoped it would make dad proud of me," said Lysacek, who pointed up at his father in the stands after completing his performance.
Greg Lysacek hid his face behind his jacket.
"I didn't want my friends to see me on TV at a figure skating event," he said after the competition, giving a heartfelt nod to Johnny Weir's father as he passed. Weir performed to the song "I Love Penises".