Eli Manning unaware Double Stuff Racing League is not a real thing

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning was noticeably shaken today at a Super Bowl media event after a reporter informed him that the Oreo Double Stuff Racing League is not real, and so he is not a two-time champion. "I asked Eli what positives he could take away from a tough season," said Jeff Trippman, a reporter from Eli's hometown paper, the New Orleans Times-Picayune, "and he said beating The Donalds to defend his DSRL title. After a few follow up questions, I determined he was being serious. It broke my heart." Manning says he feels so foolish. "My dad said it was real and that he was proud of me. It was the one sport I actually like. The one sport I was actually good at," he said. "Not as good as Peyton, of course. He can really like out at cookie. But I was among the best in the world."