10 Worst Super Bowl Commercials of All-Time

Every non-sports fan knows the Super Bowl is about the commercials. And everyone knows that the measure of a good commercial is how memorable it is.
Here are ten Super Bowl commercials from the past that achieved the goal of being memorable. Terribly memorable.
#10 – CareerBuilder.com (2008)

Ohmigod! Is that what women keep in there?! Gross! Now we’re glad we’ve never gotten that far with a girl.
#9: Outpost.com (1998)

Fun Fact: After this commercial aired, 20-percent of the audience bought a Mc D.L.T, 25-percent continued watching the game, and 55-percent had sex with a head of lettuce.
#7 Dirt Devil (1997)

Using Fred Astaire footage to sell a vacuum. Classy! Still, though, it could have been worse. We’re probably not too far away from Ginger Rogers starring in a GoDaddy commercial.
#6 – GM (2007)

Ha-ha! Suicide RULZ! Hopefully this ad didn’t give ideas to anyone who owns GM stock.
#5 – Noxzema (1973)

Too subtle. Way too subtle. “Cream your face.” What’s that supposed to mean? Are we talking about shaving cream or a sex act with an attractive woman? Good advertising needs to be clear, not milky.
#4 – E-Trade (2000)

FAIL than 100 Buffalo Bills Super Bowl appearances combined.