US Weekly: Kim Kardashian’s Boyfriend Making Jealous Push for Fame

US Weekly is reporting today that the boyfriend of international celebrity Kim Kardashian has become jealous of his beautiful girlfriend's fame and is trying to earn attention for himself.
"You see this all the time in relationships in which one person is a talented celebrity and the other is just a regular person," says star watcher Sheila Kemp. "It's why these relationships rarely last. Kim needs someone who understands the pressures of fame."
Kardashian's boyfriend, Reginald Alfred "Reggie" Bush, is a seldom used player for a foot-ball team in Louisiana. In his team's recent game, which was broadcast on television, the diminutive Bush scored many points.
Star expert Rhonda Shandor says Bush's display was sad and desperate.
"You can't blame him for feeling overshadowed by Kim, who is as big a star, as big a talent as we have," said Shandor. "But it really showed the difference between the two and why this guy she's with will never be a star. Everything Kim does is effortless, whereas he was covered in sweat. On television! Kim has a new perfume out. Being with this guy hurts her brand."
And that wasn't the worst of it.
"Who did his wardrobe?" asked Shandor. "I know Kim would never let him go out in those horrid, gold tights with the stripes. He is getting bad advice. She needs to rein him in or end the relationship. Now."
According to sources close to Kardashian, she wants to stay with her boyfriend, but is insisting on complete control of his career.
"First, she's working a deal where he wins that big game they have, the Super Game," said the source. "That will get her some camera time and hopefully get him off this sports kick. And then she wants to dress him up nicely and take him to awards shows and photo shoots and benefits. Her plan is to follow the model Gisele took with her boyfriend. Gisele's guy has almost completely forgotten about his sports career and is instead content to be her accessory. That's the way to do it. And it's Kim's goal for 2010."