Texas vs. Alabama: In Pictures

Some pictures to get you prepared for Alabama-Texas.
After getting his sledgehammer stuck in a football, Colt McCoy was fired from the off-season construction job.
Young Colt liked to use his zit pus as hair gel.
Despite his looks, Colt McCoy must have a great personality because he has a very attractive girlfriend. Also, he's the star quarterback of the Texas Longhorns.
McCoy says the lice are actually a blessing because they help keep him up at night watching film.
Colt McCoy was on the Heisman watch list and also several child predator watch lists.
Look how he stands. Like a young Ed McCaffrey or Kevin Walter.
McCoy and Shipley love to compete, and will even challenge each other to a game of pocket pool.
Mack Brown knew his wife Muriel would love to display this in her china cabinet.
Mack Brown felt Mitsy and Ginger were the steals of his 2009 recruiting class.
"Don't eat it, moron. It's not a real egg."
"Don't eat me, fatass. I'm not a real steer."
After this photo was taken, all three smelled each other's fingers to savor what had just occurred.
Even complete pricks had to acknowledge Mark Ingram's abilities on the football field.
After his little friend asked the audience to hold its applause, Mark Ingram continued on with his speech.
Mark Ingram felt it would be good karma to stand among the last Heisman winners to have respectable NFL careers.
Due to all the time he spent around dragons, Greg McElroy had severe facial burns.
Greg McElroy was not recruited by Alabama until he grew out his bangs.
Terrence Cody serves as the barrier wall for much of the Gulf of Mexico.
Even though he was standing on stage at the podium, Nick Saban asked everyone to stay seated so they wouldn't tower over him.
Once Nick Saban's coaching career is over, he wants to design and market a line of clothes for the mature douche.