Tennessee adjunct professor spurns school for tenured position at USC

Steve Myers, an adjunct professor at the University of Tennessee who taught two Marketing 101 classes last semester, announced today he is leaving the school for a tenured position at the University of Southern California. "I appreciate the opportunity Tennessee provided me, but this is a much better situation for me and my family," said Myers. "It's a full-time thing. With benefits. I don't have to do freelance marketing work on the side or work nights at Wal-Mart." But Myers' decision has been met with outrage in Knoxville. "I hope he burns in hell!" said freshman undeclared Matt Tompkins. "I signed up for his class 'cause I heard he doesn't give a lot of work. Now what am I going to do?" Tennessee is looking for another qualified person to teach Marketing 101 or it may just borrow the monkey from the school's zoology program.