Rex Ryan Proclaims Jets World Series Favorites

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan is trying to work his psychological magic again by declaring his team the heavy favorites for the World Series.
"We need to think big," says Ryan. "People might laugh at us, doubt us. But they don't know how good we are. This team is full of tough, amazing athletes."
Ryan says his team's toughness will give them the edge over any baseball team.
"CC Sabathia might have a hard fastball, but let's see how hard he throws after Bart Scott lays him out walking off the field," said Ryan. "Also, we have Mark Sanchez. All of those Dominicans are great at baseball. He just needs to work on his sliding."
Sanchez, the Jets rookie quarterback, was born in California and is of Mexican descent. He hasn't played baseball since Little League when he was 12, but appreciates his coach's confidence.
"I trust Coach Ryan because he trusts in me," says Sanchez. "It's great to know he thinks I can have success in another sport. A few weeks ago when I was really struggling and our fans were yelling stuff like 'Go get another job, you Puerto Rican!', I was worried about my future. Not now."
Ryan says he is just trying to prepare his team for their playoff game.
"It's all about confidence," he said. "I'm not a moron. I know we're not going to win the Super Bowl. But when we lose, I can tell them they went farther in the NFL playoffs than any baseball team ever. That's something to be proud of."