Mark McGwire: A Career Retrospective … In Pictures

Now that we finally know the truth about Mark McGwire's career, let's take a more informed look back … through pictures.
While a powerful steroid, the cream often left a milky residue.
This was the prettiest tumor McGwire ever grew.
McGwire turned for the worse when he began hanging around unsavory characters, such as the man who tried to assassinate the Queen of England.
McGwire began taking steroids first, giving him a distinct growth advantage over teammate Jose Canseco.
For a time, McGwire injected steroids directly into his hat.
McGwire's steroids use was so extensive, he actually grew a spare, all-muscle version of himself.
Not all A's players took steroids, such as Walt Weiss, pictured here.
McGwire and Sammy Sosa loved to play the game "Find the Injection Spot."
In addition to steroids, McGwire enjoyed cigars and large containers of wine, as seen here.
Eventually, the stress of hiding his steroids use showed up on McGwire's face.