Injured Favre to be Evaluated by Top Pediatrician

It's not yet known if Brett Favre will attempt to return for another season next year — and we likely won't know his true intentions for some time. But Favre will first have to learn if his body can even hold up for another season after being injured like a kid out there in the NFC Championship Game against the Saints.
The childlike gunslinger is scheduled to see a leading pediatrician this week.
"I am an expert in owies and boo-boo's," said Dr. James McEwan, of Children's Hospital in New York. "I have also worked with some of the top doctors in the field of cootie infestation. I am excited to look at Brett and see how I can help him. He is a very brave boy."
Favre was repeatedly thrown to the Superdome turf against the Saints, and he will undergo a battery of tests, including a possible MRI and CT scan.
"For a lot of kids out there, these are scary procedures to go through," says Dr. McEwan. "But that's where the art of this job comes in. You have to make them feel comfortable and safe. Sometimes it's as simple as promising them a lollipop at the end. From what I've seen of Brett, he'll be able to tough it out. He's a trooper."
Favre plans to take a toy tractor along with him to the examination for comfort. Dr. McEwan says Favre can't play with the tractor during the MRI, but that a great surprise awaits after it's all over.
"I asked Brett's mom what he would like most," said the doctor. "She told me a press conference. So we're having one at Chuck E. Cheese after his visit with me is over."