Indianapolis Colts Fans: In Pictures

These are the people who will be cheering on the Colts in Super Bowl XLIV:
"Honey, I think we had a bye this week."
Unbeknownst to their father, the boys were far more interested in figure skating.
When games get stressful, Blue the Mascot can always relax with some manual stimulation.">At center is the hottest woman in the state of Indiana.
Hours later, the little girl shot her brother to death.
New Jersey's only Colts bar.
Celebrating after another night of getting plowed by the Colts' offensive line.
This is one of only 75,000 like it in the state of Indiana.
Even cocker spaniels love the Colts.
He got this for being the team's only black fan.
A Colts fan poses with backup quarterback Jim Sorgi.
"Perfect, son. Now Marvin Harrison won't be able to see you to shoot you."
Colts fans are adorable when their dreams are crushed.