Herschel Walker wins 8-person Intraself MMA Championship

Herschel Walker, the 1982 Heisman Trophy winner, is preparing to compete in an upcoming Strikeforce mixed martial arts match on Showtime. The former NFL star gained some extra confidence for that appearance last night by winning the Intraself MMA Championship, a mixed martial arts tournament featuring Walker and his seven other personalities. Walker cruised through the first round by dominating Cindy, a flirty 17-year-old who loves to dance. His semifinal match was a tougher go, but Walker eventually out-pointed Big Tom, a long haul trucker who is a Vietnam vet. In the final, Walker faced Sean McGillicutty — a brawny Irishman with a boxing background. Walker fell behind McGillicutty early in the match, but was able to defeat his opponent in the third round when he took his medication.