Derek Jeter Treats Minka Kelly to a Romantic Prenup Dinner

With their wedding rumored to be just 10 months away, New York Yankees star Derek Jeter treated his girlfriend — actress Minka Kelly — to a romantic dinner last night at a trendy Manhattan restaurant and then popped the question of a prenuptial agreement before the couple's entrees arrived.
"Ohmigod. Derek!" squealed Kelly. "You're so sweet! You want to protect your assets from me? Now I know you're really serious about getting married. Yes! YES! My answer is YES! Ohmigod. We have official legal documents now! I can't believe it! This is so exciting! I'm calling my mom to tell her the news!"
Fellow diners applauded the happy couple. And then aclearly overjoyed Jeter called his attorney over from a nearby table to have Kelly sign the agreement in triplicate before he allowed his fiancee to use her phone.
"Thank you for doing that, baby," cooed Jeter. "Now I know you love me for me and not because you want my money. You know what? I have a surprise. I had my attorney make additional copies of the prenup and spread them out all over my bed. What do you say we get out of here, head back to my place and make love on them?"
Those close to Jeter, the noted bachelor and ladies man, say it's a huge step for him to use the "p" word with a woman.
"That's why I know this relationship is for real," said a longtime friend of the shortstop. "When I saw him spending more time on the phone with his attorney, I knew something was up. And then to hear him say 'prenup' about Minka … well, I knew it was special. He's serious about not letting her get his money. It's adorable. He had his attorney draw up the document so there were little hearts in place of the periods. He's like a love-struck teenager with really good legal representation."