December Rewind: The Most Popular Stories and Images on SportsPickle

Everything that appears on SportsPickle is the greatest thing ever conceived. But here is what was the greatest of the greatest things ever conceived in December based on traffic numbers.

1. Defense Takes Cheerleaders' Advice to Push Opponent Back, Way Back
2. Urban Meyer: "It turns out my family is incredibly annoying."
3. Tiger's Wife Uses Axe to Bravely Remove Mosquito from His Penis
4. Ruthless Patriots Run Down the Score
5. Elin Woods Taking Indefinite Leave of Absence from Tiger's Penis
6. Eagles Fan Unapologetic About Santa Rape
7. 10 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Sports Fans
8. Navy Beats Army, Still Gay
9. Report: Tiger Has Two Kids from 6-Year Fling with Swedish Model
10. Modern-Day Rudy Would Prefer to Play for Florida
1. How The Tiger Woods' Brand Has Changed: Part 1
2. How The Tiger Woods' Brand Has Changed: Part 2
3. Happy Holidays from Tiger Woods
4. Packers fans
5. Dwight Howard
6. New Jersey Nets
7. Jim Zorn
8. Pat Patriot
9. Buffalo Bills cheerleaders
10. Urban Meyer