Controversial Eric Crouch Ad Set to Air During Pro Bowl

Former Heisman Trophy winner Eric Crouch is slated to appear in a high-profile commercial during the Pro Bowl, but the spot is generating significant controversy.
"No one wants to see Eric Crouch in a commercial," said Jack Linard, chairman of the advertising watchdog group Ad America. "I'd rather see twenty Miller Lite commercials with that annoying girlfriend and her dog than Eric Crouch. When did he win the Heisman? '89? '90? Why is he in an ad?"
The commercial, featuring the 2001 Heisman Trophy winner and former Nebraska quarterback, will earn ESPN $1,200 — the highest price being paid for 30 seconds of Pro Bowl time — and could be seen by as many as 10,000 viewers.
Crouch, who most recently suited up for Team Texas of the now-defunct All-American Football League and will appear in the commercial with his mom, sees the spot as an opportunity to get out a message he believes in very deeply.
"I am hoping to use whatever celebrity I have to share this with America," said Crouch. "I hope it can open minds and save lives."
That message? No one really knows.
"I was given a copy of the commercial to review," said Linard. "But when I saw Eric Crouch was in it, I turned it off right away. Who knows what it's about. And, God willing, I'll never know."